Triple Nutlove - White Choco Peanut & Choco Hazelnut & Crispy Cookie


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We have your favourite bundle with new flavours! Tripe ALLNUTRITION NUTLOVE White Choco Peanut & Choco Hazelnut & Crispy Cookie at a special price.

Fewer calories, lower price and more tasty fun!

White Choco Peanut

Who doesn't love Reese's! Only our waistline. With  ALLNUTRITION NUTLOVE WHITE CHOCO PEANUT you can enjoy the taste of your favourite peanut butter cups but in low calories version. It contains 37% of peanuts!

NUTLOVE White Choco Peanut is a delicious white chocolate cream with crunchy, roasted peanuts, perfectly combined with Himalayan salt.

White chocolate with a peanut butter flavour and wonderful Himalayan salt make everyone say with appreciation: this is what I have been waiting for! Lower in calories than regular Reese's. Perfect for people on a Keto diet and for diabetics who avoid sugar.


Choco Hazelnut
Damn the Ferrero Rocher! Try something better: healthier and lower in calories. ALLNUTRITION NUTLOVE Choco Hazelnut is a delicious chocolate cream with crunchy nuts, made from 100% natural ingredients! NUTLOVE Choco Hazelnut was produced in the name of ​​healthy yet delicious food.

Only natural methods were applied to produce the spread: by crushing hazelnuts, adding real cocoa liquor and real milk chocolate chunks - without added sugar. ALLNUTRITION NUTLOVE Choco Hazelnut does not contain any chemical additives, artificial flavours, stabilizers or preservatives. It also does not contain palm oil.

NUTLOVE Choco Hazelnut is healthy cream with a nutty flavour and crispy texture. However, it is perfect for spreading on e.g. omelettes and sandwiches. It is easily combined with other ingredients when preparing desserts or other dishes. It is suitable as an addition to virtually every breakfast and can be successfully eaten with a spoon straight from the box :)

Crispy Cookie

Cookies, almond chunks and cream - it feels like heaven in your mouth. But still, it is light and healthy heaven! 

Oreo-like cookies give Nutlove Crispy Cookie a unique crunch, which melts with a creamy spread and delicious almond bits. It will make your meals a unique experience. The perfect version of Cookie Dough cream.

Using the cream as a replacement for regular ones might bring enormous health benefits because of no trans fats, no palm oil and no added sugar.