Triple Nutlove - Coco & Hazelnut & Crunch


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WOW, tripe ALLNUTRITION NUTLOVE Crispy Hazelnut, Coco Crunch and chocolate flavour Crunch in special price.

Fewer calories, lower price and more tasty fun!

Coco Crunch
Is Rafaello your favourite sweet? This delicious coconut cream with crispy almonds and coconut flakes tastes the same as your best-loved pralines. It is an improved version, which contains no sugar and no palm oil. Goes perfectly with pancakes, rice waffles and omelettes. Ideal to prepare your own healthy coconut protein balls.

NUTLOVE Coco Crunch With Almond Nuts is pure pleasure. The sophisticated sweet cream elegance is sweetened with maltitol. What makes Coco Crunch unique are: no added sugar, salt or palm oil or trans fats. 

Now you don't have to give up sweets for fear of extra kilos. This is the greatest pleasure that awaits you during the day! We can guarantee it!

A healthy combination of Nutella and Snickers can be your dream come true. NUTLOVE Crunch is a delightful chocolate cream with roasted peanuts. You can make your day better by starting with spreading it on pancakes, adding to rice cakes or serving as the delicious dessert.

The chocolate is melting in the mouth, while small peanut bites are giving a pleasurable experience of no added sugar treat. Instead of sugar, we use maltitol. Not only sugar was eliminated, but trans fats as well.

No need to worry about eating delicious snacks and your waistline size any more!

Crispy Hazelnut
Better than Kinder Bueno! NUTLOVE Crispy Hazelnut resembles one of the most popular snacks. Milky mix of delicious, smooth white chocolate and crispy hazelnut form unique experience to the mouth.

 Using the cream as a replacement of regular ones might bring enormous health benefits because of no trans fats and palm oil. 

Don't be afraid of extra pounds with NUTLOVE Crispy Hazelnut!