Red Currant in Jelly


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Sweet and sour 51kcal, fresh, fabulous red currant dipped in a light gel without the added sugar! ALLNUTRITION RED CURRANT IN JELLY is a heavenly delicious part of your favourite desserts and sweet healthy meals. You can easily replace jams available in shops with levelled up, low carb and low-fat tasty product. No more struggle with finding an ideal snack when you are on a low GI diet. Try it and you will never go back to jams you were eating before.

RED CURRANT IN JELLY can be a perfect topping for your fit snacks. You can use it instead of regular jam, which helps you boost your weight loss. Don't say no to ice creams, sweet pancakes or whipped cream. Just add ALLNUTRITION BLUEBERRY IN JELLY and be happy!


Nutritional Values (in 100g):
Energy - 51kcal
Fats - 0.2g
Carbohydrates - 18g
of which includes Sugars - 0.3g
Protein - 0.9g