Peanut Butter Powder Chocolate

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ALLNUTRITION PEANUT POWDER Chocolate is non-fat powdered peanut butter that contains 30% fewer calories and allows you to create peanut butter with the perfect consistency after adding water. The peanuts found in our cream are slow-roasted and subjected to a process of removing up to 90% of the oil from them. We do not add sugar, hardeners, salt or other unnecessary additives to it, which makes it a source of healthy fats and proteins.

You want to satisfy your craving for peanut butter without feeling guilty - this blend is for you! Powdered peanut cream is as much as 85% less fat than classic supermarket products. It is an ideal and quick solution for people who want to increase their training effects without unnecessary calories.

ALLNUTRITION PEANUT POWDER NATURAL contains almost 50% of protein! It is up to 50% more than in standard peanut butter! The protein contained in ALLNUTRITON PEANUT POWDER contributes to the increase and maintenance of muscle mass - this is crucial for achieving your training goals, whether you want to build mass or lose weight.

The product is made from roasted peanuts, which are squeezed oil, meaning each serving contains only 4.2 g of fat - ideal for those on a low-calorie diet.