Peanut Butter - Crunch 1kg

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100% Natural Peanut Butter: without added sugar and palm oil. Made of top-quality nuts. Perfect for bakes, desserts, porridge and many more. This Peanut Butter is high in protein and is the best choice for the keto diet.

ALLNUTRITION Peanut Cream is a natural nut cream made of peanuts from environmentally friendly crops. We do not add sugar, hardeners or other unnecessary additives to it, which makes it a source of healthy fats and proteins. The peanuts found in our cream are a valuable source of unsaturated fatty acids, which contribute to lowering blood cholesterol levels and lower the risk of atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

ALLNUTRITION Peanut Cream will be widely used in your kitchen because it is suitable for spreading on bread, baked goods, it can be used as an addition to morning porridge, homemade desserts and cookies, and even as an ingredient of various spicy dishes. Take care of your health and add ALLNUTRITION Peanut Cream to your daily diet.

ALLNUTRITION Peanut Cream is now available in two versions. The smooth version is a delicate, smooth texture that perfectly spreads on a slice of delicious crispbread. The crunch version is the same creamy texture enriched with pieces of nuts. Especially for lovers of crunch who can now enjoy the taste of peanuts even more. 

ALLNUTRITION Peanut Cream - nutritional values

Peanut cream made from peanuts is rich in plant-based protein, potassium, vitamin E, fibre and magnesium. For this reason, peanut cream is a great food for vegetarians who can supplement protein deficiencies resulting from a meat-free diet. Nuts and hazelnut cream have long been recognized as the perfect 'brain fuel', so they can be a good option for schoolchildren.

ALLNUTRITION Peanut Cream - slimming properties

Nut cream contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids that have a good effect on our cardiovascular system. Although many people who like nuts are convinced of their high energy value, in fact, it turns out that peanuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids that help burn fat. Nut cream, therefore, helps to prevent the accumulation of fat on the waist, accelerating fat burning. Thanks to this, peanut butter can help us lose unnecessary kilograms.