Passion Fruit & Mango in Jelly


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Wonderful, intense Passion Fruit and Mango flavour, with only 67kcal of guiltfree pleasure. ALLNUTRITION PASSION FRUIT & MANGO IN JELLYcontains delightful mango pieces dipped in light passion fruit puree. Perfect if you want to add a sour and healthy twist to your sweets.

The flavour will remind you of the holidays on a remote, tropical island.  Don't say no to ice creams, sweet pancakes or whipped cream - use it as an amazing topping for your fit snacks. You can use it instead of regular jam, which helps you boost your weight loss. Just add ALLNUTRITION PASSION FRUIT & MANGO IN JELLY and be happy!

Mango is a great source of C, A, E, K vitamins and many minerals, which your body needs to be satisfied.

Nutritional Values (in 100g):
Energy - 67kcal
Fats - 0g
Carbohydrates - 25g
of which includes Sugars - 2.5g
Protein - 0.6g