Fitking Delicious Cookie White Chocolate Cream

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FITKING DELICIOUS COOKIES WHITE CHOCOLATE CREAM are delicious, shortbread cookies from the Delicious line - no sugar or palm oil added! Wonderful cocoa cookies with milk cream, covered with mouth-watering, white chocolate and pieces of sponge cakes - they will delight anyone who only tries them at least once!

A delicate topping of white chocolate makes ALLNUTRITION FITKING DELICIOUS COOKIE WHITE CHOCOLATE CREAM cookies literally melt in the mouth and we are sure that every sweet lover will looove it - fit for both greedy and ordinary foodies :)

ALLNUTRITION FITKING DELICIOUS COOKIE WHITE CHOCOLATE CREAM is the perfect snack for anyone who expects the best quality products without unnecessary additives, and at the same time wants to eliminate a significant amount of carbohydrates from the diet. They contain carefully selected ingredients, are rich in protein and fibre, which give a feeling of fullness, support digestion and facilitate weight loss.

ALLNUTRITION FITKING DELICIOUS COOKIE WHITE CHOCOLATE CREAM biscuits are an ideal meal replacement (or complement) and are very easy to store. A simple, quick snack will be perfect during the break between classes, as a supplement to energy at school, as well as a mini cheat meal - after or before training. :)

ALLNUTRITION FITKING DELICIOUS COOKIE comes in four fantastic flavours and the only side effect they cause is a headache.

But why?

Because we don't know which flavour is the best! :)