Fitking Delicious Cookie Chocolate Peanut

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FITKING DELICIOUS COOKIES CHOCOLATE PEANUT are delicious, shortbread cookies from the Delicious line - no sugar or palm oil added! They contain huge chunks of peanuts and delicious chocolate. We promise they will be loved by every sweet tooth - both fit and sugar eaters :)

ALLNUTRITION FITKING DELICIOUS COOKIE CHOCOLATE PEANUT contains as much as 20% of peanuts, which gives a solid portion of protein and a great portion of vitamin B3 (niacin). It is also a very good source of fats, fibre and other valuable vitamins and minerals, especially potassium.

FITKING DELICIOUS COOKIE CHOCOLATE PEANUT biscuits are an ideal meal replacement (or complement) and are very easy to store. A simple, quick snack will be perfect during the break between classes, as a supplement to energy at school, as well as a mini cheat meal - after or before training. :)

ALLNUTRITION FITKING DELICIOUS COOKIE comes in five fantastic flavours and the only side effect they cause is a mild headache.

But why?

Because we don't know which flavour is the best! :)