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Tired? - It's practically impossible!

The innovative energy preparation whose ingredients were selected in order to supplement each other and intensify their effect. Extreme Speed Shot owes its extreme effectiveness to the unique mega dose (3075 mg) of precisely selected energy ingredients brought together in the unique composition Energy Matrix. This preparation intensifies to the maximum the processes of production and controlled release of energy in the body at times of its deficiency. It uses the innovative Liquid Technology formula to maximise the rate and effectiveness of assimilation of active ingredients contained in the preparation. All this in a handy 25 ml ampoule ensuring exceptional convenience of use and the possibility of taking it any time.

How does Extreme Speed Shot Energy Matrix work?

All ingredients of Extreme Speed Shot were selected to mutually supplement and intensify their effect (absolute synergy). The unique composition of Extreme Speed Shot Energy Matrix is supposed to intensify to the maximum the processes of production and controlled release of energy in the body at times of its deficiency.

What are the advantages of individual ingredients of Energy Matrix?

Caffeine - The total content of the most known stimulant is as much as 200 mg per ampoule. This is 25x higher concentration than observed in the popular energy drinks and 5x higher than in their "shot" versions. Extreme Speed Shot additionally offers the precisely selected proportion of caffeine in crystalline form at the level of 25 mg and its natural equivalent contained in the enormous dose (1750 mg) of guarana seed extract, providing as much as 175 mg of pure caffeine offering a long release period. The caffeine contained in the guarana seed provides mild stimulation of the body for up to even 5 hours from the time of consumption. The optimum combination of two sources of caffeine ensures the continuous and optimally high utilisation of energy sources of the body starting just seconds after taking the preparation, guaranteeing the fastest and longest lasting simulation. Caffeine, thanks to the way it acts, accelerates the metabolism, removes the feeling of tiredness, and improves the mood and concentration. It additionally strengthens the stimulation of fatty acids to release the fat reserves, which facilitates maintaining a lean body.

The high level of stimulation offered by caffeine can increase the catabolism of the muscle proteins reducing the quality of the muscle. Therefore Extreme Speed Shot has been enriched by as much as 1000 mg of taurine, which by reducing the production of serotonin at the same time contributes to hampering the catabolism of system proteins. It improves the metabolism of carbohydrates by increasing the rate of their assimilation by the intensively working muscle cells and brain. This maximises the utilisation of energy ingredients contained in Extreme Speed Shot. The taurine also has a positive impact on the operation of the liver and sight organs and the entire nervous and cardiovascular system.

What are the advantages of Extreme Speed Shot?

Extreme Speed Shot is a comprehensive preparation supporting the physical and psychical condition. Its unique effectiveness, not observed in any other preparation, is demonstrated by the mega dose (3075 mg) of precisely selected energy ingredients collected in the unique composition Energy Matrix. Application of the Liquid Technology formula ensures the quickest possible assimilation of the liquid active ingredients, which are immediately absorbed by the blood stream without the delay typical for pills or capsules.

Extreme Speed Shot is amazing not just with its effectiveness but also with its unique energy flavour.
The handy ampoules will provide maximum comfort of use and easy carriage and transport at any time.

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