Whey Protein Powder with Collagen 500g


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Diet-Food WHEY PROTEIN WITH COLLAGEN - Isolate Powder 500 g Vanilla Flavour

Proteins are made of many different amino acids linked together. There are twenty different amino acid building blocks commonly found in plants and animals. A typical protein consists of 300 or more amino acids, and a particular number and sequence of amino acids are unique to each protein.

What is Keto Whey Protein Isolate?
Whey Protein is one of two categories of proteins found in dairy (along with casein) and is a by-product of cheese and yoghurt production. Once processed, whey protein is usually in powder form or mixed with powdered smoothies and beverages that also contain other nutrients. It is used as a supplement for malnutrition and protein deficiencies, or most commonly to increase athletic performance and improve body composition. Before being absorbed by the body, large fractions of protein are broken down by the body's digestive enzymes into amino acids. The amino acids are then combined in various combinations to create new proteins that the body will use to build muscle, enzymes, hormones, and other substances needed to build and function. Whey protein provides all nine essential amino acids and is especially rich in leucine and cysteine. Leucine protein sources are believed to be the strongest determinant of muscle protein synthesis and growth and are therefore the preferred choice for most gym-goers.

Now you can get your favourite protein in a unique vanilla flavor. We have specially added beef collagen so that you can make your hair, bones and nails stronger.

How will I prepare my Protein for consumption?
We recommend mixing two tablespoons with your favourite milk, yoghurt or juice (250 ml). Consume 1-3 times a day.

Nutritional values ​​per 100 g:
energy value
1476 kJ / 349 kcal
fat 0.8 g
including saturated 0.18 g
carbohydrates 10 g
including sugars 3,4 g
fiber 0.15 g
protein 79 g
salt 0.1 g

Net weight: 500 g
Country of origin Poland

Amino acids per 100 g:
aspartic acid 11.4 g
serine 4.4 g
threonine 7 g
glutamic acid 12.2 g
proline 17.5 g
glycine 1.8 g
alanine 4.7 g
valine 5.4 g
methionine 2.3 g
isoleucine 6.8 g
leucine 10.7 g
tyrosine 3 g
phenylalanine 3 g
histidine 1.7 g
lysine 10.4 g
arginine 2.1 g
cystine 2.6 g
tryptophan 2.1 g
Net weight: 500 g
Country of origin Poland

milk whey protein isolate 75%
beef collagen 15%
vanilla flavour

Allergic Information:
The product may contain soy, wheat and gluten. Store in a tightly-closed container in a dry and cool place.

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